There have been some amazing female athletes through the years. Nadia Comaneci, Peggy Flemming, Amy Van Dyken and many others come to mind but I have never seen anything like Ronda Rousey.

Ronda is a UFC fighter who will be headlining UFC 184 this weekend when she puts her title and undefeated record on the line against also undefeated Cat Zingano. To have a woman headline a sport that has been male dominated since it's inception is pretty impressive. Since being the first woman ever to win an Olympic medal for judo in 08 when she brought home the bronze, Ronda has been on a tear.

Ronda brings an energy, fierceness and excitement to a fight like I haven't seen since the glory days of Mike Tyson. I will be tuned in Saturday to watch not only the greatest female athlete I have seen but the most exciting fighter in the world today. Go Ronda!!

Check out Ronda in action.

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