As an avid DIY'er, I love doing things myself and will try to do almost anything I can without hiring anyone to do it. Stubborn? Totally. The feeling of satisfaction you get from doing something yourself, worth it.


I remember taking a class in high school where you could make jewelry. The class was fun, but it was slow going. I was always ready to jump in and make something, but first, I had to learn all about it. By default, I am someone who learns by doing. Not sitting through lectures about the history of how it was made. Needless to say, I quickly glazed over in that class when I wasn't actually hands-on with the materials.

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If you have always wanted to make your own custom ring, you're in luck as there is a workshop you can sign up for to make a silver stacking ring. Fleur in Denver offers many different workshops from sewing to stained glass in this fun creative space. Fleur also has a wide range of classes on jewelry making.

Make your own stacked ring in Colorado

One of these classes will allow you to make a stacking ring out of sterling silver right here in Colorado. This two-hour class will teach you how to cut, form, heat, and solder your perfect ring. The class is led by Allie of Laurel & Co and costs $85 per person.

Currently, all of the stacked ring classes are sold out in the coming weeks. Since the class has been very popular, we're sure they will be offering more classes very soon. Be sure to keep an eye on for upcoming stacked ring-making classes. While you visit the site, take a look at the other classes they offer. There is a little bit for everyone at Fleur Denver.

Take a look at what to expect when making a stacked ring at Fleur:

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