Firefighter pants and boots ready to jump into
Todd Harding, TSM

Every kid want's to ride in a fire truck. At age 50, I finally made that dream come true. I had the opportunity to participate in a ride-a-long with a Poudre Fire Authority crew over the weekend.

I got to spend the evening with the C shift at Station #4 at Drake and Taft in Fort Collins. Sharon McNeil drew the short straw, so she made us a wonderful dinner and stayed back at the station while Tim Champlin, Tom Pickles, Andy Maguire and I went out on a couple medical calls. We also  had one false alarm when someone accidentally pushed their medical alert button. Two people had to be taken to the hospital and thankfully everyone survived. It's amazing how good these firefighters are at what they do and how much they care about the people they help.

I made a YouTube video sitting in the back seat of a Poudre Fire Authority fire truck on our way to an emergency.

I also took a few pictures of my adventure.

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