Gelato, if you don't know what that means let me tell you that gelato is so yummy. It's different than ice cream, not as heavy and thick. It is two parts milk and one part cream, and a whole lot of delicious.

Revolution Pops and Gelato is a dainty store at 130 W. Olive St. in Old Town Fort Collins and they recently added gelato to their line of artisan popsicles.

The store reopened Sunday after a brief hiatus and it was mostly due to rebranding.

Originally, the store was known just as Revolution Artisan Market, and they sold ready-to-go meals, sandwiches, and their famous artisan popsicles. The store has decided to shift the main focus. So, instead of focusing on sandwiches (and maybe those to-go meals) they are bringing people gelato made in house, their renowned popsicles, and pupsicles.

For now, they are still providing ready-to-go meals, but that might change.

The next thing on the list is getting the new logo on all of the new products.

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