The CMA Awards are one week from today and they certainly bring a lot of memories for me. I have had the honor of winning two of those bad boys and just love watching the show. There have been some standout moments and performances over the years and I am sure this year will create some new ones as well.

Aside from the two moments we were handed awards there are a couple of moments that always stand out to me. I will always remember when Reba came out in that red dress that had everyone talking. I remember interviewing her a couple years afterwards and she said she was shocked at how many people flipped out over that dress. One of the other moments was when Faith Hill was playing around after Carrie Underwood was announced as vocalist of the year 12 years ago today and all the media jumped her about it. She was just playing but it made the music world talk and wrongly vilify Faith. Here are a couple of those moments.

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