It takes 60 ounces of water to make a 12 ounce can of beer. That adds up to a lot of water. Water doesn’t grow on trees, so why not try out re-using water to make that beer? Sounds like a great environmental idea, but will it be a tasty idea?

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Come this October, three Colorado breweries will be tapping small special batches of beers that were made from water that used to reside in a water treatment plant in Arizona.  The water will be purified to drinking standards, but it does sound weird, right?

The premise is to get the public introduced to the idea of ‘recycled water’, by using it to make something that a lot of folks enjoy- craft beer.  The three breweries that will use the ‘Direct Potable Reuse’ water are Lone Tree Brewing, Lost Highway Brewing, and 105 Brewing. How those breweries were chosen isn’t clear; but they are all in the south Denver area- close to the Lakewood headquarters of the engineering company behind the project, CH2M.

The beers, with I’m sure will be crazy names, will be released on Friday, October 13, 2017, at a big event CH2M is throwing, ‘ReuseFest.’  The date of the event is perfect: Friday the 13th; because it all sounds kind of creepy- the idea that someday, you could be drinking a frosty IPA that was once Jennifer Lawrence’s or George Clooney’s bathwater!

Bottoms, up!

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