Candy corn always seems to be a polarizing topic this time of year. Some people love the triangle-shaped, tri-colored sugar cubes, while others will villanize the candy until the day they die. One thing is for certain, when a Northern Colorado brewery releases a candy corn beer in the fall, you kind of have to try it.

Weldwerks Brewing Co. out of Greeley, Colorado, announced via Facebook on Monday that a new beer brewed with candy corn will be released on Friday, October 13. Not only does this fall-themed beer have candy corn in it, but the beer is also brewed with cheesecake.

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The sour ale brewed by WeldWerks Brewing Co. has candy corn, cream cheese, graham cracker, vanilla, and milk sugar. This is what WeldWerks Brewing Co. had to say about the flavor profile of the beer:

Holy. Freaking. Yum.

WeldWerks Brewing Co. also announced the release of a Nerds candy-inspired sour ale brewed with strawberry and grape crunchy candies and strawberry puree. This beer, dubbed the Nerdy Professor, will also be released on Friday, October 13.

Both of these tasty releases will be available at WeldWerks Brewing Co., located at 508 8th Ave. in Greeley. For more information on these beers and more, WeldWerks Brewing Co. has to offer, check out

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