It's been a beautiful several days here in Northern Colorado with temperatures in the 60s, and over the weekend in the mid to upper 70s, but this is still spring. And, during this time of year, Mother Nature tends to be a little drunk - especially for us in Colorado.

She can give us the warm and sunny days and then, all of the sudden, throw a fit and bring the wind, rain, and snow to us quicker than you can say "Rocky Mountain Oysters".

That looks to be the case a little bit later in the week as we start things off pretty nice again on Monday with temps near 80 with a nice calm sunny day, at least until the afternoon when the winds start to kick up.

Between Monday and Tuesday, we will see temperatures about 25-30 degrees cooler with rain in the forecast for most of the day on Tuesday.

The rain will be a great thing for the fires that sparked up near Boulder over the weekend so that's the positive side to the rain. That, and the fact that anytime we can get some water falling from the sky here in Colorado, it's a good thing.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning is the time that we could actually see a little snow mixed in with things just to keep us honest.

Hey, it's Spring in Northern Colorado...this is just how we roll.

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