In my line of work, I come across many state rankings. For example, I will see how Colorado's affordability rate is and how great our schools are. Sometimes, I will find silly rankings like Colorado lover ice cream more than most states.

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I love these rankings. They typically remind me of how great Colorado is. But one ranking made me angry, and I won't accept the results.

Research Shows California Has Better BBQ Than Colorado


Wait... Did I just read that correctly? It's true. According to Empire Stakes, California is the 2nd best state in the country, and Colorado has the 14th-best BBQ in the country.

There Is No Way This Is True


I lived in California for a short amount of time in my life. Before you grab your pitchfork and storm my home, it was for a short time.

With 100% confidence, there is absolutely no way BBQ is better in California than in Colorado. Overall, BBQ doesn't have much of a personality in California. It is generic.e

Meanwhile, in Colorado, there are plenty of BBQ options. For example, if you handed a Coloradan a paper plate from a BBQ joint, the odds are good that they would recognize where the BBQ is from.

Here Is The Thing


California does have some incredible food. However, BBQ in California is generic. Most of the BBQ I had in my short stint in California tasted like it was warmed up in a microwave. Should there be a new study called California Is Most Likely to Have Ketchup with Their Steak? 

I think so.

3 Great BBQ Places in Colorado

Nordy's BBQ & Grill - Location: 4360 St Cloud Dr, Loveland, CO 80538

Review: Went in with basic expectations and was seated immediately. The food was some of the best BBQ I had in Colorado, the service was amazing. Our server was spectacular, and I am now a huge fan of Nordys and will go out of my way just to go back. 5+ stars! - Corey Gerlach

Smok Barbecue - Fort Collins - Location: 327 E Foothills Pkwy #110, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Review: This is the second time we’ve been here and it just gets better every time. The side of corn is to die for. My husband wants me to find the exact recipe lol. And whoever was on the grill today deserves recognition! Everything is so delicious!!! - Paris Landry

Smokin' Yards BBQ - Location: 900 W 1st Ave Ste 100 Denver, CO 80223

Review:  One of the better BBQ places I've found in Denver! I shared a three-meat plate with chicken, sliced brisket, and ribs. Everything was really good! The chicken may have been my favorite. The spice blend they put on it was great! The regular BBQ sauce and mustard sauce were nice, but the mustard probably would have gone best with pulled pork. They have generous portions! - Gen B.

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