There are a ton of stressful parking lots across Northern Colorado. When you think about some of the most stressful parking lots, you probably think about Costco, Target, or Trader Joe's.

You might also think about parking lots at special events at Blue Arena or the Greeley Stampede.

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Yes, these parking lots across Greeley, Loveland, Windsor, and Timnath can be stressful, but there is one parking lot that is the absolute worst.

This parking lot is on South College Avenue in Fort Collins. You probably already know what it is.

This Is The Worst Parking Lot in Fort Collins

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Google Maps

Although I am a big fan of their food, the Raising Cane's drive-thru and parking lot in Fort Collins is constantly a disaster. We aren't sure whether or not that the drive-thru is poorly planned or Raising Cane's is just that irresistible.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, this fast-food gold mine is always hectic. It's good for business, but my patience will be tested if I have a craving for chicken tenders.

I work very early in the morning and I have the luxury of getting off work in the early afternoon. My girlfriend works at home and I wanted to surprise her with some Raising Cane's.

I got there at 12:45 p.m.

I did not leave the parking lot until 1:32 p.m.

I might as well have taken her out to dinner at that point.

The Big Question: Is It Worth It?


I hate to say it, but yes, it was worth it. The chicken fingers are just way too good. My biggest pet peeve is having my time wasted. I spent 47 minutes in my car paying bills, doom-scrolling on Instagram, and returning my mom's phone call from a few days prior.

My mom probably appreciated the long wait.

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