A woman who was 9 months pregnant was so desperate for money to buy meth she stole a man's car - and his pants.

Ashley Miller of Springfield, Missouri, was charged for tampering with a motor vehicle on Sunday.

According to court documents, Miller asked the victim, an alleged acquaintance, for a ride from Walmart on August 3. The victim agreed, and became concerned when he realized Miller was giving him directions to a remote location.

When the pair arrived at their destination, Miller told the victim to get out of the car and remove his pants. Miller took the man's pants, with his wallet still in them, and drove off.

The victim walked to a nearby lake and got someone to call 911.

According to deputies, the car was located August 6 in the possession of another man who said he had borrowed the car from Miller on August 4. Miller was arrested August 22.

Court documents say Miller told police she and the victim entered an abandoned house, at which point he took off his pants ad began making sexual advances. Thus, she drove off with his car. However, she later admitted that she was using meth - while pregnant - and was so desperate for money to buy more, she stole the victim's money and car.

Authorities searched the abandoned house and found the victim's wallet missing money he had said was in it when the theft occurred.

Miller's bond was set at $5,000 and she has 3 pending cases in Missouri courts, each for which she's on probation.

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