Okay, you want a good spook for Halloween? I've got one for you.

Now, I've heard the haunted stories, I've watched "The Shining" enough times to know every word in the movie by heart, and I've walked through the place a few times in awe and felt some creepy stuff. But even this gives me the creeps even more than any of those things.

According to our friends at Outthere Colorado, over the past summer, this creepy picture was taken by a visitor from Texas recently that captured a ghostly, and flat-out creepy, woman peering out of one of the windows in the Stanley Hotel.

Now, skeptics may say that it's someone just messing around and playing jokes to help the hotel live up to its haunted roots and past. But to me, it legitimately looks creepy and adds to the fact that hotel employees confirmed that the particular room where the woman was spotted was supposedly unoccupied.

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There are a bunch of hauntings and creepy stories surrounding The Stanley that it inspired Stephen King's horror classic "The Shining". So yeah, even Stephen King felt something when he visited back in the late 70's.

Guests have reported many strange occurrences such as lights turning off and on, doors abruptly slamming shut, eerie sounds of laughter, shadowy figures, and unexplained drafts and chills.

Now, I don't consider myself a ghost chaser or someone who is a 100% believer in ghosts, but I will say that I definitely felt chills walking up the staircase right at the entry. And that was in the middle of the day with a bunch of people around.

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After doing a little more digging, I came across this incident involving a female in a white gown, kind of like the one in the creepy picture. Could this be the same person? CHILLS!

YouTube/Inside Edition

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