A seemingly horrible story has now turned into something really positive and heart warming thanks to some pretty awesome woman in Weld County.

Morgan Ryan, creator of MoJo Acres Horse Rescue saved three pregnant horses from the death penalty in Oklahoma where they are now resting comfortably out in Ault.

Morgan confirmed to Denver 7 that the horses are indeed in her care and safe now thankfully:

“We got them in and settled and food in them. And they’re some happy girls right now,”


The horses, although in good care now and safe are now in the greatest shape but at least they're around people that care about them and that can properly care for them:

“Seeing them come off the trailer, they were definitely skinny,” said Ryan. “We can see some hip bones and some ribs. And their feet are also very long, not managed. So it’s going to be a bit of a process.”


Morgan stumbled across the horses on a kill pen website in Oklahoma and even though the slaughter of horses is illegal in the United States, a kill pen like that will ship the horses to either Mexico or Canada where it is legal and the only way the horses can be saved is by someone or a group that will pay the fee for their safety.

That fee for these particular horses was $875 per horse and a generous donor by the name of Claire Staples from Oregon's Skydog Sanctuary stepped in and paid the fees to get the horses out of the kill pen and in a place that would take care of them until Morgan could bring them to her sanctuary.

Morgan has already raised over $5500 to help care for these horses and bring them back to good health and our friends at Denver 7 have created a place where you make a donation to help out as well.

Good people working together for a beautiful cause.

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