It’s got a great location, a great reputation and great food! So, it’s really no surprise to see this place is getting ‘betta’’ by getting bigger!

Mo Betta Sign
Dave Jensen, TSM

mo’Betta Gumbo opened in 2013 at the corner of Cleveland and 4th Street in Downtown Loveland. Lots of restaurants have occupied the space over the years, but not succeeded; Mo’Betta seems to have cracked the code for that corner!

‘Cajun and Creole Cuisine’ is their mainstay at mo’Betta Gumbo; the food really is great!  Plus, they have a great bar featuring their ‘Swampwater’: Flavored Moonshine! It’s soooooo good!

Mo’Betta recently announced that very soon, this spring, they’ll be expanding. It looks like they’ll be taking over Nostalgia Corner, the antiques store directly to their west.

Mo Betta Expanding
Dave Jensen, TSM

This is great news, as mo'Betta gets PACKED on the weekends; you’ve hardly been able to seat two large parties in there!  Now, bigger groups will be able to gather, with elbow room to spare!

Let’s all meet for a Swampwater and some hush pups, when the expansion opens!

OK, we can meet now, too…. Mmmmmmmm!

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