One of your most frequent childhood memories might be taking a trip to the grocery store as a youngster and, if you were good, being able to hop onto the mechanical horse at the front of the store and go for a ride.

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The penny horses found at the front of many grocery stores have had children yelling "giddy up" while their parents paid cashiers for decades. But now, the current head of the Bennett family, Eddie Bennett, has stated that King Soopers will be removing the rides from their stores. According to 9 News, the Bennetts first placed the penny horses in King Soopers locations back in 1947, when Eddie Bennett's great grandfather and Lloyd King, the King Soopers founder, made a handshake agreement.  Now, it seems as if that, too, will be a thing of the past.

9 News has not gotten a response from King Soopers as to why they will be removing the penny horses from their stores. It is suspected it might have to do with the COVID-19 virus, as the horses have been blocked off since the pandemic begun.

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Source: 9 News

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