49-year-old artist Patricia Waller is causing some controversy with her latest exhibit. The German knitter has depicted many of your childhood animated favorites dying, committing suicide or being killed in pretty graphic, pretty gruesome ways.

Ever imagined a crocheted SpongeBob-suicide bomber? Winnie the Pooh in a noose? Or a Hello Hara-Kiri Kitty?


There’s also an alcoholic Ernie, a sleeping-pill swallowing dwarf, Spider-man hung in his own web and a whole slew of other macabre displays.

Her exhibit is called “Broken Heroes” and she says the show is about heroes and failure. The exhibit is apparently very popular, but a lot of parents are outraged over the grotesque nature of some of her pieces.

You can see some of the pictures at PatriciaWaller.com and you can also see more pictures of the exhibit from AVAX News here.

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