I am not one to complain, publicly, but man I need a real vacation and not one of those working vacation deals.  Oh sure, it's nice to get out and log some serious 2-wheel miles but I need a vacation without the bike and surrounded by kids, the woman I love with all my heart and of course my hound dog.  A real vacation!


I know, woe is me but we haven't had a real family vacation since the kids and I went to Yellowstone 8 years ago so we are long overdue.

I did put in for my vacation time in July back in January so I need some suggestions of where to go and please don't start with all the "hell" jokes.

I just lol'd!

We'd like to stay here in Colorado and find a cabin or lodge or something like that to just chill, read, hike, fish and be as lazy as possible but affordable on a working man's salary.  Black Canyon of the Gunnison for example is a place I have never been and have limited knowledge of the area.

Cell phone reception is not a requirement.  {The kids will thank me later}

So, seriously, I need some suggestions. Anyone?  Please?  I would like to maybe actually throw a tent and do a hotel or lodge room every few days to shower up unless we can find something cheap enough.  It's about nature baby and becoming one with the critters and teaching our children how to live off the land in the event the Mayans were on to something.  A little extreme?  Yes, but thought provoking none the less.

Ideas!  Please share and thank you...

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