On her new album ‘Blown Away,’ Carrie Underwood spends time looking backward at relationships that have run their course. The mid-tempo, mandolin driven ‘Do You Think About Me’ is a nostalgic remembrance of a boyfriend that she no longer pines for, but certainly thinks about.

“You don’t wish you were with that person anymore, it’s not about that, at all,” Underwood says in a the video below. “But sometimes you just wonder what they’re up to, you know? You wonder, ‘Are they happy?’” The ‘Good Girl’ singer didn’t write the song in question, and she doesn’t explain which of her past flames she catches herself thinking about from time to time.

The light and happy song was written by Cary Barlowe, Hillary Lindsey and Shane Stevens. “That first cold September night / You were the blanket holding me tight / You were kissing me and the air stood still / You said we don’t have to I said I will,” Underwood sings to begin the song.

The chorus is catchy and happy, mostly. Or as Underwood admits, “It might be a tad bittersweet.”

Oh I, Oh I’m not even trying / Oh I, Oh I, but I can’t stop smiling / Do you think about me / Like I think about you / Do you think about me / Like I think about you.

‘Blown Away’ is in stores and available for purchase on iTunes today (May 1). Be sure to read our entire interview with Underwood to find out which song brings her to tears every time she tries to sing it.

Watch Carrie Underwood Talk About ‘Do You Think About Me’

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