Clean out the closet, find the summer boxes, it is nearly officially okay to wear white again.

white pants

At first glance it appears this no white after Labor Day may be one of those rules that most people follow from generation to generation, but no one really knows why. When I dig deeper to come to some kind of resolve in this, initially I become more confused and then clear and then, huh?!?

Not Wearing White After Labor Day Could Be Symbolic:

In the early 20th Century, wearing white was like an American uniform for the well to doers. The fortunate people would escape from the city in warmer months to vacation spots where the weather was warmer. White clothing is lighter and would keep them cooler. Darker clothes were worn by the workers, the elite in the 30's were often pictured in Panama hats and white clothing. It's said that by the 50's this white in the warmer months and darker heavier clothing in the fall and winter became customary for all, according to a Time article a few years back.

Just when you are set to buy and believe one theory about Labor Day and not wearing white again until Memorial Day weekend you read that rules were meant to be broken. Fashionistas follow magazine trends, Coco Channel made her signature color white, Michelle Obama has worn white in the winter and so on. In the end I follow the rule of the rule setter herself; Emily Post. Emily Post says of wearing white after Labor Day: Wear White!  Some well to doers and strict fashion guru's still abide from this old standard, but when no one can really put their finger on it, other than saying the rich, basically chose not to wear white after Labor Day and put their white pants back on in May, I say phooey-let's go put on some white pants! Just remember when wearing white pants you should probably wear white undergarments. :P

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