As adorable as this video is and as cute as it looks, this could have ended badly but thankfully it didn't. Several cars were stopped on a road with a bunch of bears just hanging out and doing bear stuff. One person thought it would be a great idea to roll down the window and ask for a high five from the bear.

The good news...the person didn't get charged and mauled on the spot by a the Mama bear and the video has received about 10 million views on Tik Tok but the bad news is that there is a good chance that this bear will be put down in the future.

First's the video I just mentioned...

@rebecaelenagb Chill day #fyp#fy#bear#hi5♬ original sound -

I love this video...I really do. But this isn't something that is the norm or should not be encouraged because of the unpredictability and dangers of getting to close to wild animals...both for your sake and theirs'.

Not to sound too much like a party pooper but bears can actually be put down for becoming to friendly, people need to respect bears and all wildlife by maintaining a distance.

A spokesperson from Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated that when bears become too comfortable around people, they learn how to open doors, destroy property, and even eventually become aggressive towards humans...and bears that do that eventually become euthanized.

So while we can watch this video and smile...just know that this is something that should never be attempted and is something that more times than not won't have such a warm and fuzzy ending.


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