Socks sometimes have a strange way of going missing. Your dog might steal one or two now and then, or you might have a dryer with an appetite for a small item of clothing that seems to have vanished. However, it's not every day that you hear about missing panties making the news. A neighborhood in the Denver metro area is being terrorized by a man who is stealing panties. According to KDVR, the suspect has been breaking into homes in the Park Hill area and stealing mostly women's panties.


The neighbors in the area have begun calling the suspect the Park Hill Panty Thief. The suspect in the violating act is not stealing money, electronics, medications, or anything else of value. Just women's intimate clothing.

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One person who was interviewed by KDVR said that they noticed that a window was open and there was fresh snow with footprints on the ground one morning at approximately 9 a.m. and when she went to get dressed, she noticed that all of her underwear in her dresser was missing.


These break-ins in the Park Hill neighborhood have been occurring since July. If you happen to have any information on the suspect dubbed as the Park Hill Panty Thief, you are encouraged to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.

Source: KDVR

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