Cinnamon rolls can be a bit of a mystery. Some classify them as pastries, and others as being in the doughnut realm. I'm afraid I have to disagree with cinnamon rolls being classified as doughnuts, as they are in their own category. The FDA classifies a cinnamon roll as being in the buns and rolls category.

Whichever classification you want to give the cinnamon roll, we can all agree that the sweet, carb-loaded spiral is delicious.


Cinnamon rolls seem to be a way of life in Colorado. Much like our coveted green chile. You can find a delicious cinnamon roll in pretty much every town in the state of Colorado.

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Not too long ago, a family member, who will not be named, came up to visit from Denver. We decided to go grab a bite to eat in Fort Collins. As we were driving from Johnstown to Fort Collins on Interstate 25, we passed by Johnson's Corner. As we went by, they said this:

That place has the most overrated cinnamon rolls ever.

I was in shock, to say the least.

Everyone's tastebuds are different. Maybe his are totally out of whack, or maybe he was just trying to say something shocking.

One thing I knew for certain, he was wrong.


Chicago has its deep-dish pizzas that people crave. Northern Colorado has the cinnamon rolls that people demand. Chicago pizzerias like Lou Malnati's and Giordano's ship their pizzas nationwide. Northern Colorado cinnamon rolls from Johnson's Corner are no different.

People love Johnson's Corner cinnamon rolls so much they can have them delivered right to their door, no matter what state they live in. Fans of Johnson's Corner can have a six-pack or one dozen cinnamon rolls shipped starting at $21.54, plus shipping.

What do you think? Are Johnson's Corner cinnamon rolls overrated? Or are they simply the best cinnamon roll in Colorado? We would love to hear what you have to think.

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