Call me stupid but I just don’t understand some of the old time sayings. What were our ancestors thinking? For instance, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Why? What is the point of having a cake if you can’t eat it? What are you supposed to do with the cake? Cakes are for eating. Is there a support group for cake hoarders? Are people really making cakes and just leaving them sit around because you can’t have it and eat it? I don’t understand this one. I have never had a cake I didn’t eat.

“Cute as a button”. What the heck is that? I have never looked at an adorable baby and thought of comparing their cuteness to a garment fastener. “Oh what a gorgeous blouse Susan. Those buttons are cute as a baby”. I can’t see someone saying that. Sorry but buttons are not cute.

One more that has driven me nuts through the years is “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. I know the thought behind this one is that if you don’t ask for something you may not get it. You need to speak up to be heard. I have found in my professional career that the squeaky wheel gets replaced. Feel free to squeak all you want. You may get greased but you may also end up in a big tire pile in a farmer’s field somewhere.

What old saying makes no sense to you?


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