I'll never forget the 1st time we met Carly Pearce. She was visiting radio stations with Josh Abbott Band. She sang with them on their single, "Wasn't That Drunk".

Carly Pearce and Josh Abbott
Todd Harding, TSM

We were knocked out by her as a backup but even more impressed when she came to the Boot Grill for New From Nashville. We had dinner with her that night after she wowed the crowd with her set that included her 1st single "Every Little Thing", which went #1 on the Country charts. We fell in love with her as an artist and as a person.

Carly returned to the Boot Grill for a special lunch concert for a few lucky K99 listeners in September of 2017. She is one of the sweetest people in the music business and one of the most talented vocalists too.

She has been on the air with us half a dozen times, including the 28 Hours of Hope.  We love her. She wanted to send Brian a goodbye message before the Last Habajeeba Show on January 25 at the Union Colony Civic Center. This YouTube video is that message from Carly:



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