The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is known for helping wildlife all across the region. From geese, birds, snakes, prairie dogs, and more, Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is caring for as many animals as they can.


When the weather warms up in Northern Colorado, the wildlife in the area becomes more active. This also applies to the many turtles that we have in the region. The turtles will be out more frequently on roadways, in yards, and in natural areas.

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Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen with turtles quite often. When these injuries and rescues occur, the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center is there to help. So what happens when a turtle is in need of medical care?

Sure, you can pick up one of the smaller turtles with one hand and administer medication with the other. However, there are some occasions where using two hands it going to be the best for the turtle. How do you restrain a turtle that won't listen when you tell it to be still?

Easy. You high-center the turtle. The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center posted a video on Facebook a couple of days ago on how they restrain a turtle to provide care and treatment. Honestly, it's such a simple way to make a turtle stay in one place. Watch how they do it:

The turtle appears to have a hole in its shell and according to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, this is one of the safest and most efficient ways to restrain turtles for examinations and treatment.

Want to learn more about the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center's mission? Visit them on Facebook to learn more.

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