Another business is leaving Northern Colorado.

We all know that Northern Colorado is one of the most biking-friendly areas in the country. Bike to Work Day is a staple in our community.

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Unfortunately, Niner Bikes which has headquarters in Fort Collins, will be leaving Northern Colorado for good.

Fort Collins Company to Move to Ohio

YouTube Screenshot: Niner Bikes
YouTube Screenshot: Niner Bikes

It was recently announced that Niner Bikes will be leaving Fort Collins behind and heading to Ohio, where its parent company United Wheels is located. United Wheels is also the parent company of Huffy, VAAST, and other bicycle brands.

Niner Bikes, which specializes in mountain and gravel bikes, has been headquartered in Fort Collins since 2011. Niner Bikes was originally founded in California.

Niner was facing bankruptcy back in 2018, and United Wheels acquired the company.

Niner will be leaving Fort Collins next fall and will be located at United Wheels headquarters in Dayton.

What Will Happen to the Employees in Fort Collins


Niner reportedly has between 11 and 50 employees, according to their LinkedIn profile. A representative for United Wheels says that the company is working with employees to find redeployment opportunities.

This means that employees will have to pursue other careers, work remotely, or move to Ohio.

I don't mean to be a jerk, well I'll be one for a second... Who in the world would want to leave Colorado and move to Ohio?

It is a shame to see another business leave Northern Colorado. The first thing that comes to mind is being worried about the employees. We hope that the redeployment opportunities work out for the best.

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