Have you noticed that more and more people are vaping?

If you walk around the streets of Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, or Grand Junction, you will eventually walk underneath a cotton candy-flavored cloud.

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Vaping is extremely popular in Colorado and is continuing to grow. Are our kids safe?

How Many Teens Are Vaping in Colorado


Lots of Colorado teens are vaping a lot because it's easy to get, the flavors are tempting, and vapes can be hidden easily. This is making more and more teens get hooked on them.

Back in the day, it was easy to tell when a teen was smoking cigarettes because of the smell it would leave on coats, hands, and hair.

I remember when I was in high school my mom would always smell my hair when I came home from a friend's house. I did not get it at the time, but it added up when I got older.

According to new data, 28.1% of Colorado teens vape. Think about that for a moment. Over one in four teens are vaping. Believe it or not, Colorado teens are not the biggest vape users in the country. West Virginia has the highest amount of teens who vape at 35%.

Northern Colorado School Takes Charge


Greeley West High School has now implemented an ID bathroom policy for its students. The policy was put in place due to vaping and vandalism.

What Should Colorado Parents Do?


Honesty is always the best policy. Have an open and honest conversation with your teen about vaping, and the risks, and discuss methods for how to avoid peer pressure.

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