Walmart shoppers in Colorado are going to start seeing a lot of differences in 2024. There are over 100 Walmart stores in Colorado and they all will start the process of getting a makeover.

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Walmart will invest $9 billion in rebranding and renovating all of its stores. In November Walmart officially opened 100 new stores with the new look.

None of those re-openings happened in Colorado, but we are expecting some Walmart stores to get the new look early in 2024.

Here is a look at what many Walmart stores in Colorado will look like next year.

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Walmart is making a major overhaul of its stores adding features while upgrading others. The company is putting $9 billion into the project which will change nearly 1,400 stores across the company. Here is an inside look at the changes that debuted at the first 117 stores that recently celebrated grand reopenings.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

Walmart's New Look: Doesn't It Look Familiar?


May I be honest and critical for a moment? The new Walmarts look like a mixture of Target, Old Navy, and McDonalds. There is not anything that stands out as unique to me and I am disappointed.

Yes, these renovations look a lot better than my Walmart in Fort Collins, but I am not excited about the changes and I feel like they are a waste of money.

Not that money is an issue for Walmart. I mean they made $573 billion last year.

New Walmart Store In Colorado: Innovative Enough?


I was hoping that Walmart would have innovated and come up with a new concept. A concept that we haven't quite seen.

I am laughing to myself for being passionate about how Walmart stores look. After all, I do not think anybody goes to Walmart for its aesthetic. It's all about the deals.

Plus eating at Subway while grocery shopping is pretty epic too.

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