Parent or not, most of these things would cause all of us to stress.

Stress is a part of daily life regardless if we are in a pandemic or not. For many of us, it's in our nature to worry about things like money or health. Couple that with the very fact that this pandemic directly effects both of those things and it's easy to feel hopeless.

And the sad thing is, even when we seek out ways to not be stressed, we feel stressed about not feeling stressed. It sounds so strange, but many of us can feel guilty for not worrying over things. We feel like if we aren't thinking about them, then we must not truly care or we aren't properly taking action to correct them.

I want to encourage you to find ways to clear your head. Seek help. Find ways to escape, mentally and emotionally, from what's happening around us. Do it for your health first and foremost. And do it for those around you as well.

Also, know what's stressing you out.

A recent survey has revealed the things we are most stressed about in this time. Although the survey focused more on the stress parents are feeling, I know most of these things can cause problems for everyone. I am willing to bet that we stress about these things when we're not in a pandemic, but our current situation is definitely making them worse. And now that we know what they are, we can work to take our minds off of them.

Here's What We're Most Stressed About Right Now

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