As an owner of two 80 lb. German Shepherds, I have to say that finding a place to rent was incredibly difficult. Now that my wife and I are homeowners with a lax HOA, we don't have to worry about it. However, there have been a few instances that it was very tedious and discouraging when it came looking for a new place to live.

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That could soon come to an end here in the state of Colorado. A new bill Colorado lawmakers are considering would put an end to apartment managers, landlords and HOAs banning large breed dogs. HB18-1126 has been introduced by State Rep. Paul Roenthal, D- Denver. This bill, if passed, would make it illegal for parents of large breed dogs to be turned away from housing or worse yet, having to give up their dog in return for having a place to live. Now, certain cities like Denver have breed bans. This would still remain in play. Rosenthal thinks that dogs that are large in size are being discriminated against due to their size and not behavior.

I for one think that this would be a great bill to be passed. Our family found it quite a bit discouraging when looking for a new apartment or townhome and the weight limit on dogs was 25lbs.


Source: KDVR

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