In March 2023, the Colorado Humane Society responded to an animal mistreatment investigation that ultimately led to the rescue of a severely neglected colt named Blossom. Now, thanks to many helping hands across the Colorado community, Blossom is on the road to recovery, already defying many odds along the way.

When Humane Society investigators first discovered Blossom, he was stuck in thick, heavy mud that suctioned him to the ground. The team lifted the lifeless colt to his feet and as a result of the conditions and investigation, Blossom was relinquished by his owner.

Photo: Harmony Equine Center
Photo: Harmony Equine Center

The young horse was then transported to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, Colorado where he could receive further treatment and professional veterinary care.

Upon intake, Blossom was weak, sick, and extremely malnourished. He even suffered a seizure. Additionally, the quiet and fragile colt struggled to stand, and his legs continued to give out, often multiple times a day. Each time this happened, staff and volunteers helped to lift the 300-pound colt back up. A car towing strap was used to help keep Blossom and the staff safe. Blossom has even learned that help is on the way each time he collapses, and now waits patiently, often taking the opportunity to graze as he lays flat on his side.

Despite Blossom's feeble state, he is slowly making progress toward a miraculous recovery.

Once the filth was removed from his coat and the shavings from his eyes, Blossom looked like a brand-new horse.

Photo: Harmony Equine Center
Photo: Harmony Equine Center

Sweet Blossom has captured the hearts of Harmony staff. The team continues to lift him up - in more ways than one.

The amazing team at the Harmony Equine Center has been keeping a close eye on Blossom, taking the time to administer necessary medications, encouraging him to eat, and rubbing his stiff legs. Because he's still too sick and little to reach the automatic waterer, volunteers help to refill Blossom's special water tub each day. Some staff members even treat the pony to special late-night snacks.

Although Blossom’s condition is severe, he has started to make strides, both literally and figuratively. According to Harmony Equine Center staff, Blossom’s first show of improvement was when he learned that he had enough energy to nicker.

Now, after spending a few weeks at the center, Blossom's personality is starting to show. He's becoming curious, rather than fearful and his shyness is starting to ease.

About three weeks into recovery, another major milestone was reached. For the first time, Blossom got himself back up on his own after his legs gave out. He's not out of the woods yet, but the equine staff is encouraged by the progress Blossom continues to make.

Harmony Equine Center is a rehabilitation and adoption facility for abused and neglected horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules. The facility provides a variety of services including sheltering, veterinary care, and training. To donate to Blossom and other vulnerable horses, please visit To learn more about Harmony Equine Center and the services they provide, as well as volunteer opportunities, please visit

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