Picture this: You just got home after a long day out on the town and you make a beeline right for the couch. You turn your TV on - what are you going to watch? 

Will you watch the same show or movie you've already seen a thousand times? Probably. 

That's where we come in.

We (AJ and I) are those people, watching the same things we've already seen time and time again - not that there's anything wrong with that... We've just decided that it's now time to expand our watchlists. 

If you're looking for a new show or movie to watch, look no further. 

At the beginning of every week, we'll be sharing our "Picks To Click", a series of different shows/movies we're currently watching, with you. 

And - who knows? One of our suggestions might even become your new favorite show/movie.

Ready to expand your watchlist? Read on to find out what our "Picks To Click" are for this week: 

Maxx's Pick - The Morning Show

The latest show that I'm absolutely hooked on -

From its star-studded cast to its engaging plot, I'm not surprised by the number of awards and recognition this show has rightfully deserved over the last few years.

The show doesn't take long at all to get into the juice of it all - in fact, the first episode alone is juicy; longtime morning show anchor Mitch Kessler (played by Steve Carrell), gets fired after reports of sexual assault and harassment allegations surface in the press.

This leaves his co-host, Alex Levy (played by Jennifer Aniston) desperate. She's just lost her longtime partner on the morning show, and now, she's pleading to regain control of the show she already felt she was being pushed out of.

Cue the introduction of chaotic local news anchor, Bradley Jackson (played by Reese Witherspoon), and you get even more drama.

While we wait on Season 3 (which has officially been announced), you can catch up and watch the first two seasons of The Morning Show now on Apple TV+. 

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AJ's Pick - Man in the Arena: Tom Brady

Football fan or not, it's hard not to like Tom Brady.

Man in the Arena: Tom Brady is an ESPN special featuring 9 episodes that essentially do a deep dive into the NFL living legend, Tom Brady, and some of the most iconic, memorable moments of his pro-athlete career.

While the bigger moments in Brady's life/career are certainly shared in this special series, viewers are also given a glimpse into various smaller, seemingly insignificant instances that each played pivotal roles in paving the path for this football star's journey.

You can stream the 9-episode series now on ESPN+. 

Binge-watching a show or movie you think we should add to our watchlists? Sound off with your "Picks To Click" on our free New Country 99.1 app!

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