Picture this: You just got home after a long day out on the town and you make a b-line right for the couch. You turn your TV on - what are you going to watch? 

Will you watch the same show or movie you've already seen a thousand times? Probably. 

That's where we come in - 

We (AJ and I) are those people, watching the same things we've already seen time and time again - not that there's anything wrong with that... we've just decided that it's now time to expand our watchlists. 

If you're looking for a new show or movie to watch, look no further. 

At the beginning of every week, we'll be sharing our "Picks To Click", a series of different shows/movies we're currently watching, with you. 

And - who knows? One of our suggestions might even become your new favorite show/movie.

Ready to expand your watchlist? Read on to find out what our "Picks To Click" are for this week: 

Maxx's Pick: Selling Sunset

If you're into the drama of reality TV and you enjoy looking at big houses, this could very well be your new binge-watch.

The world of real estate can be extremely cut-throat - and in Los Angeles, the pressure of finding, buying, and selling real estate is cranked up a notch.

Selling Sunset follows and showcases the drama inside an LA-based real estate firm, where feisty brokers are constantly competing against one another to earn listings and buy and sell as many properties as they can. It's certainly not easy, but if done right, the benefits of working in such a lux industry seem to be more than worth it.

I'm a sucker for reality TV; my friends have been telling me to check this show out for weeks, and I finally caved.

The best part is, the show is already four seasons in - so if you start watching now, you'll have plenty to binge through.

Catch up on all four seasons of Selling Sunset now on Netflix. 

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AJ's Pick: Designated Survivor

You might've caught this show on cable TV a few years back when it first aired on ABC, but it's since been picked up on streaming services.

Designated Survivor stars Keifer Sutherland who plays Tom Kirkman, a low-level Cabinet member who is suddenly positioned to take on the role as President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession during the first season of the show.

Kirkman is faced with the ultimate challenge as he's forced to look past his lack of inexperience in the role of head of state while seeking answers as to what - or who triggered the fatal attack.

This show is filled with plenty of cliffhangers, twists, and turns - definitely something that's sure to keep your attention.

You can start watching Designated Survivor now on Netflix. 

Binge-watching a show or movie you think we should add to our watchlists? Sound off with your "Picks To Click" on our free New Country 99.1 app!

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