Picture this: You just got home after a long day out on the town and you make a beeline right for the couch. You turn your TV on - what are you going to watch? 

Will you watch the same show or movie you've already seen a thousand times? Probably. 

That's where we come in.

We (AJ and I) are those people, watching the same things we've already seen time and time again - not that there's anything wrong with that... We've just decided that it's now time to expand our watchlists. 

If you're looking for a new show or movie to watch, look no further. 

At the beginning of every week, we'll be sharing our "Picks To Click", a series of different shows/movies we're currently watching, with you. 

And - who knows? One of our suggestions might even become your new favorite show/movie.

Ready to expand your watchlist? Read on to find out what our "Picks To Click" are for this week: 

Maxx's Pick: Selling Tampa

There's just something about a good reality show, especially when the show features some of the most high-end, luxurious real estate on the market - and is packed with loads of drama.

This new series, which is a spinoff of another Netflix hit, Selling Sunset, follows the days of a group of real estate agents as they navigate both their personal and professional lives while selling luxury homes.

An easy watch, if you ask me... except it's hard to not want to buy pretty much every house that's featured on the show.

You can start streaming season one of Selling Tampa now on Netflix.

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AJ's Pick: Law and Order SVU

Although this isn't a new show by any means, it simply never gets old.

AJ's all for a good crime show; crime shows, on the other hand, are not really my thing - except for this one.

This series follows the Special Victims Unit, a specially trained squad of detectives in the N.Y.P.D., who investigate different sexually-related crimes. The cast in this series is outstanding and each episode will have you hooked from beginning to end.

You can start streaming Law and Order SVU on Hulu or Peacock now.

Binge-watching a show or movie you think we should add to our watchlists? Sound off with your "Picks To Click" on our free New Country 99.1 app!

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