Look, breaking up is hard to do. As someone who's been on the end of one of the most hilariously awful breakups of all time, I knew that we'd have some stories to tell in our building...so I asked. And boy, did I receive.

Here are some breakup stories on National Dump Day that might encourage you to break it off with that special someone...after all, now might be the best time to do it.

Here are some awesome/awful stories, thanks to our helpful staff:

"My freshman year of high school, my boyfriend at the time came to our first volleyball home game and made a sign that said 'Go Lauren' … and ended with 'Let’s just be friends' … Not. Kidding."  --Lauren

"I broke up with a girl once and she wouldn't leave...I literally had to pick her up, put her on the doorstep, and close the door behind her." --A DJ on our sister station

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"When I was a freshman in college, I had my first boyfriend, who I met in a big lecture class (Remember before Tinder when we actually had to meet people IRL? Those were the days…). We only dated for about a month, but in that time, he would walk me from the class we had together, across campus to my next class, which was a big history lecture.
One day, he seemed really quiet and distant, so I kind of felt like something was coming. But, he waited until I was going IN to my class to say, ‘Hey, we’re cool as just friends, right?’
I was so caught off guard that I was like, ‘Um, sorry, are you breaking up with me? Or…?’ He confirmed, and my response was, ‘Do you think we could take this outside, you know, away from everyone I am about to have class with?’
So we went outside and broke up and I went back into my classroom to 60 people who just watched my boyfriend break up with me. Later that semester, I had some health problems and had to drop out of school for a while, which was actually great because I didn’t have to see him in class anymore" --Shelby

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"I worked with my then-boyfriend, and I invited him to lunch...so yeah, on our lunch break, he dumped me. We sat through an awkward round of midday beers and then walked back to work, where I had to sit next to him every day until he eventually left the company." --Scruggs

"We’re all familiar with ‘ghosting,’ but this breakup was spooky in its own way – because he dumped me on one of my favorite days of the year, Halloween. We’d been together for most of the year, and he tried to end it over text – but I wasn’t about to have that so I told him to man up and call me and talk it out. That proved challenging though, because trick-or-treaters kept coming to his door every couple of minutes, and he’d have to put me on hold, or hang up and call me back. I was like, dude, put out a bowl of candy with a note and STOP DRAGGING THIS OUT. And thanks, man, for ruining my favorite holiday! #spookydump" --Taylor

"My very first boyfriend after 2 weeks of dating changed his Myspace status to 'Just Friends?' and I responded 'Okie Dokie'." --Donna

Someone once told me: relationships end because there isn't enough love on one side. Find someone who has more than enough love to give you. On this National Dump Day, that's great advice to remember.


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