I wanted to post this blog for many reasons but the main one was to thank the thousands of people who have commented from literally all over the world through Facebook, websites and the blog. I also want to make sure everyone see's the original blog I did that spawned the idea back in early March.  I also wanted to take the time to introduce in more detail the guys who rode with me, "Team Colorado" and also share some information about the WBC you may or may not know if you choose to do what we did.


On behalf of Jay, Kenny and Chad, we are just blown away at the thousands of comments we are getting from across the world so I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to some of the best guys I know.  They were there in 2006 when I launched my The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run and have been there every year since!  These guys are the kind you want in your fox hole when things go south and they were not about to let me go into the Lions den alone and for that I am forever grateful to these guys;  you cats are truly one of a kind.

Kenny "Bagger" Oldson: Kenny is from Loveland and has served our country personally and his son Mike is currently stationed in Afghanistan on his 2nd tour so for Kenny this was a very emotional trip to say the least.  If you would like to personally thank him you can do so here.


"Rebel" Jay Tamlin: Jay is from Loveland and one of the most artistic and patriotic cats I know. This guy will do whatever it takes to "get r done" and this trip was no exception. Jay has a heart of gold and will literally help anyone in need and I am lucky to have him as a friend.  If you would like to personally thank Jay you can do so here.


Chad "The Chadinator" Blanco:  Chad is also from Fort Collins and the silent giant.  Even though he can be quiet let me assure you Chad was one of the loudest in Topeka that day.  He has 2 beautiful daughters and fought cancer and kicked it right in the teeth.  If you would like to contact Chad and thank him you can do so here.


Now you know who "Team Colorado" is and these Patriots would love to hear from you all as well; my brothers.  There has also been an official "Team Page" called 'Journey for Justice' that you can join if you want to be a part of this movement.  Please make sure to read the "mission statement" that you will find under the "docs" on the right side of the group page.

One of the most interesting comments on the original blog came in Friday morning from none other than Nathan Phelps...one of the estranged children of  Fred Phelps who left the family a long time ago.  Here is his comment:

I gotta say, I'm surprised you were allowed to stay. There have been a handful of attempts like this in the past and I was left with the impression that you would get ticketed. Apparently it has to do with whether they are having church services during the time you're there. I know a New York artist was recently ticketed for painting outside their church during services. It certainly raises the question of whether a lot more of these counter protests could be raised there. It might be worth talking to the city of Topeka to get the skinny on the details.

I also wonder if it would have ended different if you had been carrying signs. Maybe the flag isn't considered a picket instrument. With absolutely no malice, I can honestly say that if the law allows it, I'd be pushing for daily protests outside their homes. Certainly they must be willing to take what they give...that's only fair. Perhaps, not likely, it would open their eyes to the harm they cause others.

By the way, it's hard to tell for sure from the distance and the fence blocking part of his face, I think that's my brother Fred, Jr. in picture #5.

I also wanted to share with you a letter he wrote in 1993 to the The Topeka Capital-Journal

I believe in God and the Bible, and my father's behavior doesn't fit the description of behavior that would show in the life of one who loves God; behavior characteristics such as Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control. Instead, my father's behavior characterizes, I believe, Hate, Outbursts of Wrath, Contention, Jealousy, Vengefulness, Misery, Harshness, and Selfish ambition. He mis-states the truth about his own behavior, about others, about the Bible, with apparent ease and regularity. He behaves with a viciousness the likes of which I have never seen. He accepts no genuine accountability in his life and is subject to no one. His lifestyle betrays the sacred trust of what a pastor, husband, father and grandfather should be. I suppose if a comparison were made between the life of Jesus Christ and my father, there would not be much to compare.

I believe that Topekans are making a good effort to try and stop him and should continue to do so. He can seem very intimidating. He can use foul language and come across with a booming voice to the community, but the truth is, like the Wizard of Oz, when Toto pulls the curtain back, instead of this big powerful individual, it's only a small, pathetic old man. I feel sorry for my father as I would for anyone who displays this kind of hate and evil viciousness. These can only be the manifestations of tortured, injured and agonizing souls.

What a great letter from a man who saw the light and saved himself from the wrath of his own family.  Nathan, your a great man!

I also wanted to share a few video clips.

This first one just shows the everyday personality of  Fred Phelps who claims that to preach the gospel you must also preach hate and I will get to this "hate" thing next. This is a man that is surely the Devil himself who hides behind a religious document.  Take a look at the video of Fred in action.

The main reason the members of the WBC believe they are right is because Christ said in the bible, and I am paraphrasing: "They hate me therefore you too will be hated."  What they don't understand, and not sure how they could confuse this, but Christ was hated for completely and totally different reasons.  They hated Christ strictly because of  religion and the WBC is hated because of who they are and religion has nothing to do with it.  How can anyone who lives the bible word for word be so ignorant?  Check out this video from two of his granddaughters.

Now let's get to Sam, the son of Shirley Phelps.  Most don't know that Sam was born out of wedlock.  Seems there were accounts of adultery years ago and Sam is by all rights a bastard child born out of wedlock.  But according to Shirley, she won't be going to hell even though the bible clearly states she will burn in hell for that alone if they are to believe their own doctrine.  Check our her admission to this here.

I know I've taken up plenty of your time already and won't keep you much longer but I wanted everyone to see some of the comments {there are literally almost 1000} that are taking "Team Colorado" to the next level and inspiring others to do the same:

  • Mj Dawson - Best Story I have read since Seal Team 6 opened the door to hell for UBL!
  • Kevin Coy - I'm here in Mainz Germany, and seeing as how I most likely cannot ride with, can I donate a few $$ to your next "outing". I'm a 21 year Army Veteran and a 32 year HD rider. All I gotta say is that your actions are an inspiration to every red-blooded, patriotic American. You and your buddies ROCK. Thanks!
  • Michael Musolf · Making us proud!-Sgt musolf, Kabul Afghanistan.
  • Alice B. Ramsey · Fort Scott, Kansas - I don't know why us Kansas people haven't done something like this. We should be ashamed. Thanks to the guys from Colorado who did it.
  • James G Brown - I'm in N Ireland but I wish I could have been there with you...you give of your time to do this...i salute you true sons of America...ride free my friends may the wind be always at your back..
  • Tammy ArmyMom · I'm not sure who "GOD HATES" But I am sure He LOVES team Colorado!
  • Dana Price · U.S Army - All 4 of you are American Heroes. AWESOME! I can't wait to let my Patriotic Biker Friends know about this! Spread the word. I am also a Vet and I thank you for your courage and conviction.
  • Wendy Waas · Bishop Foley - This has me choked up and teary eyed. God Bless you and your buddies Charley. You did what every God fearing, American citizen wants to do. You have made my day!
  • Lisa Schuster · Mountain View, Missouri - I got chills reading your story! Thank You!
  • Nikki Paige-Togia - Now THAT'S what I call "go big - or go home"! Way to go, Charley - this story made my morning. Thank you so much!
  • Barbara Bish - LOVE you guys for showing up in Topeka, Ks. Maybe there should be 4-10 people every week right before their services.
  • Mark Stolp · Texas Tech University - If you boys are every in Dallas, TX make sure to let me know.....beers are on me!
  • Aaron I. Spielman · Daly City, California - You guys are my new heroes- seriously. I'm a veteran, I've been riding motos for 24 years, and I am completely and totally fed up with Phelps and his ilk. Bravo you guys! You totally rock!
  • Jamie Morrisey · University of Maryland University College - Gob bless you all! You are true American Patriots!
  • Becky Luginsland Cox - You guys ROCK! The WBC has been a wart in Topeka for way too long. I wish more people would take some sort of action against them.
  • Russ Cannon - Thanks Charley! Sending support from North of Detroit, Michigan!
  • Jenn Hart So proud to say that I listen to a radio station that actually cares about what is right and wrong and does something about it! Happy Colorado gets to call you her own!!!
  • Nicole Fuller · N. Colorado-Tears are in my eyes along with pride in my heart for what you did Charley! Way to take a stand for what is right and a stand against what is wrong!
  • Russ Cannon Thanks Charley and Team Colorado! Sending support from North of Detroit, Michigan!

The reason this has gotten so big and worldwide already is just because 4 schmucks from Colorado took the fight to them, played by their rules and won; you can as well.  I can't tell you how many emails I have asking me to put together an organized group to do this and I will gladly do that but you don't need me or "Team Colorado" for that matter because YOU are "Team Minnesota" and "Team Texas" and "Team New York" and "Team California."  {ALL 50 states have chimed in but it will take me too long to do all the fancy work.}

I am personally going to do 4 trips a year.  That leaves 48 weeks for others to have some fun as well.  Get your friends together and go wave a flag and make sure to include P.O.W. flags and last but not least, stay on the sidewalk. Special occasions perhaps we go full tilt boogie with a rally.  One person who saw this blog is willing to build a website so we can keep track of this on a calender and each "team" can commit to whatever open weekends there are.

I am working on some contact info from some very gracious Topekan's that I will make available to anyone and if you live in Topeka or surrounding areas please email me directly so we can include you in the database if you would like to support these weekends.  The screen printers who do all my Sleigh Rider shirts are also coming up with a design and theme each state can use and sell to raise money for a possible charity or money to go to "TEAMS" who are making a trip; a donut fund you might say.

The point is, we proved it's possible so gather up a handful of friends or even a dozen to split between the compound and the park at 10th and Gage.  {Don't be there before 9am though} and go wave a flag but don't expect any donuts!  If we could find the place...so can you...go get 'em!  Send me your pics and story and I assure you it will be posted on this website.  {And we are the #1 station in the market}

In fact, we created a 'group' called "Journey for Justice" so follow that link on FB {make sure to read the mission statement}, join the group and we'll see how serious everyone is about making this bigger than the WBC.  {Please make sure the first thing you do is read the 'mission statement; which you will find under 'docs' on the right side of page.} If there is enough support then there are people currently in place to build a permanent website and one place for everything.  It's impossible to go through the 3000 comments and find the 1000 who want to do this so please share the group link if your interested.

We are about to roll the snowball over the hill and it's up to everyone now to keep it rolling and getting bigger.  This has gotten so big that it would be a shame to waste this momentum on such a noble cause.  This is much bigger than any one of us but it will take everyone to pull it off!

In closing I think Margaret McCaleb of Texas had a great quote from the Bible that the Phelps family has somehow overlooked.  It doesn't matter if you personally believe in the bible or not; WBC does and how they overlooked the following is beyond me.

Lev.19:16-18 'You shall not go about as a slanderer among your people, and you are not to act against the life of your neighbor; I am the LORD. You shall not hate your fellow countryman in your heart; you may surely reprove your neighbor, but shall not incur sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the LORD.

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