Ah 2020, what a year you have been. The COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on pretty much everything this year. I was able to find a way to keep myself busy with a new puppy and some renovations and projects in my garage.

These are my favorite woodworking projects that I have created in 2020.

Cutting Boards

I created about half a dozen cutting boards in 2020. These were my three favorites.

Creating a continuous grain box
This piece of cherry was resawn into two pieces, 45 degree mitered corners, then glued to create matched grain on all four corners.

Epoxy and Maple Coasters
This was my first run using epoxy and pigment powder. I like how they turned out... Even though I never fully finished them.

Shop Organization
I was tired of searching through a drawer to find that one specific grit of sandpaper, so I decided to do something about it. I created a bin with dividers to place my sanding discs in.

A quick and easy clamp rack to better organize and locate my clamps.

French Cleat wall system. This is handy because you can pretty much store anything on this wall. It is created by ripping strips of wood at an angle. Mount one part of the strip on the wall and the other on the item you want to hang and gravity takes care of the rest.

French Cleat paper towel holder.

Dust Collection

I got tired of moving my mobile dust collector around the garage and decided it was time to modify the current motor to fit my needs better. The implementation of a cyclone and a HEPA filter upgraded my single stage dust collection system to a two-stage with cleaner air. It's also a remote start.

4 inch ducting is routed to specific machines throughout the garage.

DIY blast gates were used to close off airflow to unused machines. These will have to be redone in 2021. They were good in theory, but don't hold up well to numerous uses.

Dust collection in action.

My favorite part of the dust collection system, the floor sweep feature.

Scroll Saw
A purchase of a secondhand scroll saw was a fun investment. I can create intricate outlines on projects with ease. I got tired of having the scroll saw on the workbench for weeks on end and it needed a new home, so I built the scroll saw stand.

An Oregon piece made with the scroll saw.

The Final Project of 2020
This was the last piece that I have made for 2020. It is also the biggest when it comes to size that I have ever done. The tabletop was made out of oak, mortise and tenon breadboard ends, and dyed black. The final tabletop dimensions were 5 feet wide by 10 feet long and 1.5 inches thick.

It seems with every passing year, I end up making more and more. I am excited to see what is on the horizon for woodworking projects in 2021.

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