We all know that the elevation in Colorado is higher than in most states around the country. I had a friend visit recently, and I was kind of giggling to myself because they asked for one of the oxygen cans that you can buy at convenience stores.

I thought to myself wait, people actually buy those?

Yes, I am kind of a jerk for it. But they mostly wanted to buy it because they wanted a souvenir. Even though they later found out they could not take it on a plane.

There are many scenic drives in Colorado, but did you know the highest paved road in America is right here in Colorado?

Colorado's Mount Blue Sky Scenic Byway

Mount Blue Sky Scenic Byway used to go by Mount Evans. It's the only road in America that could be considered a 14'er. That means you can claim that you did a 14'er without hiking.

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As someone who is not a hiker, I would consider that a win.

Mount Blue Sky Scenic Byway is 14,130 feet above sea level and is located 60 miles west of Denver. The ride looks pretty scary.

You Need to Visit This Colorado Road Soon

Renovations and construction will begin in late August 2024 and will be closed through all of 2025.

The scenic area will be closed for both motorized and non-motorized travel. Here is what USDA said.

Construction will begin in late July or early August 2024 with a temporary lane closure in the project area near Summit Lake. Visitors may experience traffic delays. Starting Sept. 3, 2024, through all of 2025.

If you want to go, make sure you go soon.

Travel 25 Miles On Colorado's Best Road Trip

Are you ready to pile in the car and embark on a 25-mile journey considered by some to be Colorado's best road trip? It's just down the road on U.S. Route 550.

The Discoverer's pick for the best road trip in Colorado is none other than the famous Million Dollar Highway. According to Durango.com, the Million Dollar Highway section of U.S. Highway 550 connects Ouray and Silverton, Colorado. Along the way, you'll find a number of small adventure towns and ghost-mining villages.

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The Ultimate Colorado National Parks and Monuments Road Trip

If you have a Colorado bucket list full of National Parks and Monuments then we have an ultimate road trip for you. We're taking a loop around the state to show off each destination. For each stop, we'll throw in a cool place to stay, and a great restaurant nearby.

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