This is interesting for not only beer drinkers, but for those who are lactose intolerant, or who like the idea of not letting things go to waste.

Many Coloradans have enjoyed a Coors or Coors Light through their years; soon you could (technically) be having some over your shredded wheat in the morning. The plant-based food market is rapidly growing, so Molson Coors (InBev) has jumped into the market.

There are a lot of non-dairy (milk) products out there, such as almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk; the time has come it seems for barley milk. Those who prefer non-dairy or need non-dairy can turn to someone who's drinking a 'banquet' beer, and say 'thanks.'

What Is Barley Milk?

When beer is processed, only the sugars from the grains are used, leaving behind an almost unbelievable amount of wasted 'spent' grains; into the billions of pounds of waste, every year. You may have heard how breweries in the Fort Collins area donate their wasted barley to local farmers to feed their livestock, this milk is coming from that same source.

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In simple terms, the spent grains are mixed with water and rejuvenated to create barley milk. The company Take Two Foods, out of Portland, was the first to bring a barley milk to the public. They tout that one carton of their barley milk saves one-third of a pound of spent grains from going to waste.

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Molson Coors' version, is now available; it's called Golden Wing. It costs $30 for six one-quart cartons.

From their site:

We believe that you shouldn’t need to own a yoga mat to enjoy the great benefits of plant-based milk, so we created Golden Wing to show you the bold and badass side to it all.


Courtesy: Molson Coors

What Are Some of the Benefits of Barley Milk?

  • 50-60% less sugar.
  • 50% more calcium.
  • Twice the amount of vitamin D3.

According to Food & Wine, Golden Wing is slowly being phased onto shelves at stores such as Sprouts and Whole Foods in California.

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