By the ounce, or by the pound, you can buy in bulk without the packaging in downtown Loveland. The Minimal Market, located at 266 East 5th Street is now open.

I have to say, I really like this place. There is a wide selection of amazing products ranging from spices to teas, pasta, grain, and more. What I liked the most about the Minimal Market were the owners, Randi and Ben Pilon. I stopped in to browse the Minimal Market on Sunday afternoon and they were so warm and welcoming.

What is a bulk market?

A bulk market is a place where you can buy as much or as little as you would like of a certain item. Let's say you need five cups of "00" flour for a one-off pizza night, but you don't want to buy an entire bag of flour that is going to take up precious space in your kitchen cabinets. You can buy exactly what you need by weight without the excess and packaging.

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The idea of a bulk market is particularly great when it comes to spices that you might not use often. The idea of buying an entire jar of a certain spice when you need a half teaspoon is kind of silly. At the Minimal Market, you can get the spices you need for your recipe without the worry of knowing if the spices are fresh or not as well as wondering if you will ever use the rest of the specific spices.

Loveland's New Bulk Store Called Minimal Market is So Cool

Check out the new bulk market in downtown Loveland called the Minimal Market.

Key takeaways from Loveland's Minimal Market

The Minimal Market has only been open for about a week. I can tell you that I will be a frequent customer when I am in the area... Which is quite often. Here is what you need to know about the Minimal Market in Loveland.

  • You can buy the exact amount you need.
  • Buy only the product and not the packaging.
  • Most products are locally sourced.
  • You can bring your own containers to reduce waste.
  • Be sure to talk with the owners, Randi and Ben, they are awesome people.

One last thing that I did want to mention about the Minimal Market is their business card. Be sure to get one and toss it outside somewhere special. Why on earth would I say that? Because the Minimal Market business card is made from seed paper containing wildflowers.

I picked up a couple on my visit there on Sunday and cannot wait to find a place in my yard to plant the business card. Want to learn more about the Minimal Market? Find out more at the Minimal Market or visit the Minimal Market Facebook.

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