The other weekend my wife and I were out and about in Fort Collins running errands. We decided to stop in to the vitamin store because she needed to pick up some things. We happened upon the ear candles and have heard people raving about them before, so we thought we would give them a shot to see how they worked.

Here is what happened...

Now, I will be the first to say that I was very skeptical of the whole process. Laying down with a flaming candle in your ear that is suppose to suck the ear wax out? Yeah, ok. Well after the initial apprehension of the whole process took place, it wasn't too bad. I didn't think anything would even come out of my ears as I am a habitual q-tip user. I'm not talking about once every couple of days, I am talking about a couple of times everyday. First thing in the morning, then again after I get out of the shower and then maybe once again later in the evening. My ears had almost what you would call a constant itch to them.

After the first candling of the left side of my ear, I instantly noticed a difference. lighter in the ears almost. As of this afternoon, I have not felt the insatiable need to jam a q-tip in my ear. So that could be a plus.

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