Severe weather has been popping up all over the Front Range today. Thunderstorms, hail, flooding and intense rain. While sitting in the studio the rain started to come down and then all of a sudden rain unlike anything I have seen in Colorado before.... I decided that I was going to wrap myself in a trash bag and venture out into it.

The last time I have seen rain like this was when I was living in Florida during a tropical storm. That storm lasted a whole lot longer than this downpour however.

The rain was cold, very cold! My trusty trash bag only kept certain parts of me dry. Anything that was not completely encompassed by the trash bag was utterly soaked in cold rain. As I am sitting here, my boots are soaked and so are my pants from the mid-thigh down. The moisture is creeping up the fibers of the denim and I am getting wetter by the minute.

Stay safe out there while you are driving, this weather is nuts!

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