Everybody knows that getting married is a huge commitment. Couples in Colorado do not mind taking more time before saying I do. Couples wait an average of two to five years before considering marriage.

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Many couples decide to live with each other before getting married. I think it's crucial to live with your partner before you marry them. You don't truly know somebody until you are bickering about how you forgot to replace the toilet paper in the bathroom.

My grandparents would have rolled over in their graves at that statement, but times are changing.

Weddings Are Delayed in Colorado


There is a massive delay in marriages, and societal norms are not the reason. The main reason couples are not rushing to the aisle is financial reasons.

The high amount of financial debt in Colorado is staggering. DatingAdvice.com says that the average Coloradan is $56,429. Loss of financial control is a major red flag and couples are not taking it lightly.

Many couples would rather wait until their financial situation is secure before planning a wedding and the next phase of their life.

Weddings Are Changing In Colorado, Too


Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is nearly $30,000? The cost is rising every year and couples are changing their expectations for what their wedding day will look like.

Couples are opting for micro-weddings due to their budgets. Micro-weddings have a guest list of under 50 people and can be executed for under $1,000.

Feet Are Cold... Not Because We Are in Colorado


If your relationship is getting serious you should always have a conversation about your financial situation.

Communication is key to navigating yourself out of debt. You should be honest about your financial situation and come up with a game plan.

I am not married, but I have lived with my partner for two years. We go over our budget once a week and call them our weekly "business meeting".

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