It's true, in the news today a man has been killed by a knife wielding rooster and northern Colorado is expected to see the negative digits again tonight. If  a murdering rooster and bitter cold are not enough to end the Christina bashing perhaps we should what really matters most. Yes, Christina Aguilera, she was the blond woman resembling Cyndi  Lauper, seemingly forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem. And days later, we are still seeing news about this despite the irritating cold in Colorado and the interesting story about the murdering rooster. Please, don't get me wrong, I think that if you are going to sing the National Anthem, you should get it right. However, being in a business where I have had to get up in front of crowds before, it's a very nerve racking time for me, I can't even imagine what kind of mindset Christina was in when she got in front of a packed stadium with a camera crew camped out in front of her. No, that's not an excuse and it is still terrible that it happened, I just offer a bit of understanding for what happen.

Glass House

The old saying 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks' or something like, that comes to mind. In an article on it was reported that Aguilera preformed the National Anthem flawlessly the day before in rehearsals. Adding, in my opinion, the nerve factor, which was also supported in the same article from one of the half-time performers.

Now if you have been merely humoring me about the Christina Aguilera National Anthem lyric flub only to hear more about the murdering rooster, here goes.


It's true, a California man has died after being stabbed by a rooster in an illegal cockfight. It's been reported that the man was stabbed in the leg by a sharp blade attached to the rooster at an apparent cockfighting match. The man had recently paid a fine for owning or training an animal for fighting.

As far as the bitter cold is concerned in northern Colorado, we could drop down to negative 9 tonight with more snow a possibility. Hang on to your smiles though, we'll see sunny skies and 24 tomorrow and could hit 52 degrees by Saturday.

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