A 51-year-old man was arrested after assaulting multiple people, including two police officers and a child, at Windsor Lake last month.

According to the Greeley Tribune, just after 7:30 p.m. on August 2, Windsor Police responded to a disturbance taking place near Veronica Drive and Moonglow Drive. The caller stated that an argument was happening, in which people were allegedly attacking each other. They were also informed that someone involved had been injured, and that the attacker was being restrained by others at the scene.

When two Windsor Police officers arrived at the location, they discovered a man, now identified as Jason Buschmenn, being pinned down on the ground by several others near the Windsor Lake Trail.

Buschmenn was non-compliant as officers attempted to place him in custody, not only ignoring commands to stop resisting arrest, but also assaulting both of them during the process. The suspect reportedly grabbed and squeezed one of the police officer's testicles, causing severe pain, and then tried to bite him in the groin. Buschmenn reportedly bit so hard, he left lip marks on the officer's pants. The second officer was kicked in the thigh by Buschmenn.

Eventually, additional officers arrived on scene and Buschmenn was placed in handcuffs.

Upon investigating the incident, law enforcement learned that another man, Isaac Bass, became involved in the situation when he witnessed Buschmenn harassing children. When Bass intervened, Buschmenn tried to punch him and the two men began physically fighting. Bass had several cuts, a scrape and blood on his face when police first arrived.

Multiple other witnesses were also interviewed by police, regarding their interactions with Buschmenn earlier that the evening. A man reported that he was fishing on shore at Windsor Lake when Buschmenn approached him, violently grabbed him by the hair, and proceeded to pull the man into the water. Another individual stated that he had seen Buschmenn first talking to, and then following a woman around the lake. When this man tried to place himself between the two, Buschmenn reportedly shoved him. A final woman told police that Buschmenn stepped on a juvenile girl's foot when she tried to pass him on her scooter. The victim added that the suspect also tried to grab her when she rode by on the bridge.

Following his arrest, officers learned that Buschmenn was currently out on bond for a felony arrest and furthermore, that he had an active protection order. He was arrested on eleven offenses for his actions at Windsor Lake, and now faces two counts of assault on peace officers, three counts of third degree assault, child abuse, harassment, obstructing a police officer, violation of bond conditions and violation of a protection order charges.

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