This is the time of year where we are all thinking about what we would like to see under the Christmas tree on December 25th.

Maybe it's airline tickets to see family halfway across the country?

How about that pair of skis you've always wanted but never had a chance to get?

Well we are teaming up with Columbia Records Nashville and getting ready to grant your holiday wish for the season with our "Christmas Wish List Campaign". Here's how it works...

  • Fill out the form below and tell us in 1000 words or less of what you want for the holiday season. And remember to explain to us WHY you want that underneath the Christmas tree this year!
  • The form must be submitted by Thursday, December 3rd to give you a chance to have your wish granted.
  • The staff of Townsquare Media will go through all of the wish lists and pick the one who we think deserves to have their wish granted the most. It will be based on three criteria:
    • Creativity in their Submission
    • The Need
    • Ability to fulfill the wish listed
  • We will contact the winner as soon as we decide who deserves their Christmas Wish this year.

We're all in the Christmas mood here at K99...and want to make your holiday season even brighter!! Fill out the form below to give you a chance to have your wish granted!

The submission period has ended.

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