Since the rise of online shopping, we have all noticed that major retailers are struggling to keep up. There have been discussions for many years about whether or not brick-and-mortar stores and retailers will survive through this transition period and the habits of Colorado shoppers.

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Have you been to a mall lately? It’s a lot more empty and we continue to see stores shut down. Another store could be shut down in 2024 that happens to be an American staple. 

Macy’s in Colorado: What Is the Future?

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Macy’s is continuing to shut down locations and lay off their employees. Macy’s just announced that five more locations will be closing soon. The most recent shutdowns will not be in Colorado however, by looking at the rates of store closures, closure in Colorado is imminent.

I will admit that I do love online shopping, but I do appreciate the experience of buying clothes, household goods, and other things for my home. Hope these stores don’t shut down because it is a good experience.

Last year, the iconic Sears store at Foothills Mall shut down after 50 years and unfortunately, this is a growing trend across Colorado in the entire country.

History of Macy’s in Colorado

Google Maps
Google Maps

How many Macy’s are there in Colorado? There are 11 Macy’s stores in Colorado. Four years ago, 14 Colorado Macy’s stores either were shut down or revamped.

Will Macy's transition to online only? It is a possibility. Would you continue to shop at Macy's if it was online only? It would be interesting to see.

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