Luke Bryan knows better than to keep score regarding his well-documented prank war with wife Caroline — because if he did, he'd be getting walloped. Bryan, whose new Born Here, Live Here, Die Here album drops on Friday (Aug. 7), says it's not even close between the two of them.

"I get tortured. I get literally tortured," he tells Taste of Country Nights. "I have scars from her pranks."

An example? Most recently, Caroline struck by hiding in a cupboard above the refrigerator at the family's beach home. When Bryan opened the fridge to grab something, she popped out and screamed, causing him to toss his beer across the room (and possibly inadvertently knock a body part or two).

To be fair, that prank followed a particularly nasty one from Bryan's side, involving a train horn he has connected to his truck. He blew the horn while passing by an unaware Caroline riding along on her bike, causing her to lose her balance and tumble off the side of the road.

"The beauty of that one was it was spontaneous," he recalls. "It just happened. It was like, 'Oh by God, there's my wife on a bicycle and I have a train horn,' so I flipped my switch and train-horned her — and then I'm like, 'Oh, that went better than planned.'"

His best-ever prank, though? You have to go back to college for that. Yep, Luke and Caroline have been going back and forth at this for two decades.

"I Vaseline-d her windshield and door handle of her car," he says. "Imagine you're late to class, and you stick your hand under the handle, and you get Vaseline. And then get in your car. A Vaseline-d windshield is a nightmare. Like, it's a nightmare."

"Her retaliation was she broke into my dorm room. It was not pretty," Bryan adds. We will just take his word for that!

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Born Here, Live Here, Die Here is Bryan's seventh studio album and first in nearly three years. He has been spending a lot of time at home with Caroline and their boys in recent weeks due to the ongoing pandemic. Perhaps that's his best, low-key prank ever? Regarding his wife's plans to organize a safe and productive learning environment for their kids this spring, he said he was pretty much a big monkey wrench in the works.

Needless to say, sons Bo and Tate are returning to in-person school this month.

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