After over 45 years, Loveland's oldest 7-11 has closed up. Who knows how many Slurpees, Big Gulps, and packs of gum that places sold in that time.

Having grown up in Loveland, I must have stopped into the 7-11 at Eisenhower and Madison hundreds of times, even though it was on the other side of town from where we lived.

7-11 on Madison - Before
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I found out recently, that that 7-11 is no more. It's most likely due to the fact that there is a brand-new 7-11 not too far west of that location at Monroe and Eisenhower. Still, it seems like another 'end of an era.' From Big Gulps to 'a big empty.'

I talked with Troy Bliss with the City of Loveland's Development Services Department, who was able to see when that 7-11 first opened: 1974.

1974?  Wow.

That location was a prime spot for many years, being on the 'east side' of town, to get gas and snacks on your way out to the interstate and out of town. It wasn't that long ago that they did take the gas pumps out, though.

Furthermore, once they changed up that intersection at Madison and Eisenhower a few years ago, that had to have an impact on business. When I stopped by to take the 'current' photograph, I was hassled (traffic-wise) trying to get in there; it was not easy.

Things change; time moves on. There's no word yet on what might be next for that location. The 7-11 on Eisenhower just east of Wilson now holds the crown as 'Oldest 7-11 in Loveland.'

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