Social media gives us direct access to our favorite celebrities.

Back in the old days in order to communicate with a celebrity you had to meet them in person or write a letter and mail it to them. Now it's as easy as tagging them in a social media post. Of course this doesn't exactly guarantee your post will be seen, but sometimes you get some sort of acknowledgment. It boggles my mind to think that we have that immediate access to someone regardless of their level of fame. I've had some pretty cool things happen in my day from tagging celebs, like retweets, like or comments however, my latest experience threw me for a loop.

Seal viewed one of my stories on Instagram.

@missradiojess on Instagram
@missradiojess on Instagram

Yes, Seal the singer. "Kiss from a Rose" Seal. Heidi Klum's ex. S E A L.

I was blown away. And yes, I did click on the profile to see if it was verified. I've been duped by fake accounts before, but not this time. What's so weird about this is that I did not tag him, I did not use a hashtag he would have been looking for, heck, it wasn't even my post. I had shared a story I was tagged in. Now, I'm not going to read too far into this. He did not follow me and we're not meeting up for virtual lunch on Thursday, but somehow his profile came across mine.

He may not even run his own socials for crying out loud. And yet, he found his way over to my neck of the Instagram woods. My first thought was "are you lost?"

Tell us about an encounter you had with a celebrity whether on social media or in real life.

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